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Cours 6422 - Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V


Professionnels IT


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  • After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Install and configure Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
  • Understand Hyper-V Virtual Networking
  • Understand the types of Virtual Hard Drives and their benefits
  • Create and manage Virtual Machines on the Hyper-V server
  • Understand how to configure the Hyper-V server to ensure high availability
  • Monitor the performance of the Hyper-V server
  • Understand how to use existing virtual machines in the Hyper-V server
  • Understand the issues with migrating existing Virtual Machines to Hyper-V
  • Understand how System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) can be used to manage Hyper-V servers throughout the enterprise
  • Use PowerShell to manage the Hyper-V server and the virtual machines hosted on the Hyper-V server
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan for Virtual Machines on Hyper-V


Introduction to Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

    • Introducing Windows Server Hyper-V
    • Hyper-V Requirements
    • Installing the Hyper-V Server Role
    • Configure Hyper-V to be Highly Available

Configure Hyper-V Settings and Virtual Networks

    • Configuring Hyper-V Options
    • Configuring the Virtual Network

Hyper-V Remote Administration

    • Configuring Hyper-V Remote Administration
    • Using Scripting for Hyper-V Administration

Creation of Virtual Machines and Virtual Hard Drives

    • Creating Virtual Hard Drives
    • Creating Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Settings, Snapshots, and High Availability

    • Managing Virtual Machine Settings
    • Using Virtual Machine Snapshots
    • Configuring Hyper-V for High Availability
    • Monitoring Hyper-V Performance

Migration of Virtual Machines to Hyper-V

    • Migrating Legacy Virtual Machines
    • Understanding the Impact of Migrated VMs

Introduction to System Center Virtual Machine Manager

    • Introducing System Center Virtual Machine Manager
    • Managing Virtual Machines with SCVMM

Managing the SCVMM Virtual Machine Image Library and Checkpoints

    • Using the SCVMM Library
    • Managing the Image Library in SCVMM
    • Managing Checkpoints

PowerShell and Disaster Recovery

    • Using PowerShell to Manage Hyper-V
    • Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

Détails :

Durée :  3  jours
Participants : 8