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Cours 10232A - Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Applications


Professionnels IT


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  • Develop strategies for caching, session state, as well as design for high performance sites by limiting page size and iteration.
  • Determine the most suitable presentation method, visual elements, programmatic objects and multilingual strategy which meets the design objectives.
  • Evaluate available data access and storage methods and determine the appropriate implementation for the application requirements.
  • Identify the pros and cons of various data capture options and specify the most effective method or combination of methods for capturing user input.
  • Evaluate the use and implementation of SharePoint artifacts and determine which artifacts best meet the needs of the application requirements.
  • Design processing systems to get work done in the solution.
  • Create an effective strategy for implementation and deployment of custom solutions in both development and production environments.
  • Create a development strategy to allow multiple developers and administrators to work together.
  • Devise a strategy for developing and deploying upgrades over time as the solution evolves.
  • Develop an information architecture strategy that will support flexibility and growth and a navigation strategy that fits on top of this information architecture.
  • Plan a comprehensive branding strategy and determine the necessary application elements required to support that strategy.
  • Design and implement a security approach which supports both code access and end-user functionality.
  • Design an effective strategy for optimizing page render times and data access methods within SharePoint 2010.
  • Determine the appropriate use of unit and integration tests within SharePoint and design an effective strategy for ensuring maximum code reliability.


ASP.NET Advanced Concepts for SharePoint

    • Server Memory
    • Server CPU
    • Transfer and Client

Designing for User Experience

    • SharePoint Background
    • Page Parts
    • Pages
    • Globalization and Localization
    • Designing for Accessibility

Designing for Data

    • List and Library Fundamentals
    • Large Data Strategies
    • SharePoint Data Management

Designing Data Capture and Integration

    • Key Considerations for Data Capture
    • Designing for Data Capture
    • Designing for Integration

Designing Artifacts

    • Customer Requirements
    • Creating Sites

Designing Processing Solutions

    • Multiserver Configurations
    • In and Out of the Sandbox
    • Getting Work Done
    • Working with Workflows

Designing Packaging

    • Understanding Packaging Life Cycle
    • Establishing Design Principles

Designing a Development Strategy

    • Developing for the Enterprise
    • The Role of Logging
    • The Benefits of Application Configuration

Developing Version and Deployment

    • Application Life Cycle Management
    • Source Control and Build
    • Versioning Strategy
    • Upgrading
    • Deployment

Designing Information Architecture and Navigation

    • Understanding Information Architecture
    • Planning for Software Boundaries
    • Navigation

Designing Branding and Customization Support

    • Introduction to Branding
    • Branding Options
    • Branding Decisions
    • Managing User Experience
    • Planning for Customization

Designing Security

    • Security Within SharePoint
    • Using an Alternate Identity Store
    • Forms-Based Authentication
    • Deeper Look at SharePoint Claims

Designing for Page and Data Access Performance

    • Optimizing SharePoint Page Performance
    • Analyzing Performance with the SharePoint Developer Dashboard
    • Optimizing SharePoint Data Access Performance

Designing a Testing Strategy

    • Testing Concepts
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Performance Testing

Détails :

Durée :  5  jours
Participants : 8