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Cours 50028E -Installing and Configuring System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2


Professionnels IT


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  • Install Operations Manager 2007 Root Management Server.
  • Install the Root Management Server in a highly available configuration.
  • Navigate the Operations Console and the Web Console.
  • Manage the Management Group using the Command Shell.
  • Perform agent installation on managed systems.
  • Import and export management packs.
  • Configure Rules, Events, Monitors and Tasks.
  • Configure Reporting and create reports.
  • Monitor workstations and servers using Agentless Exception Monitoring.
  • Configure and manage Audit Collection Services.
  • Create Synthetic Transactions.
  • Create Distributed Applications.
  • Multi-home an agent.
  • Configure a Gateway server for monitoring untrusted domains.
  • Configure communication between two management groups.
  • Migrate from Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 to Operations Manager 2007.


Installing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

    • Preparing for Operations Manager 2007 R2
    • Using System Center Capacity Planner
    • Security
    • Installing System Center Operations Manager 2007
    • Post Installation

Using the Operations Console

    • Reviewing the Workspaces
    • Using the Web Console
    • Working with Views
    • Reviewing Security Roles

Configuring Management Group and Agent Settings

    • Global Settings
    • Overriding Global Settings
    • Creating Notifications

Agent Installation

    • Configuring Active Directory
    • Push Installation
    • Manual Installation
    • Managing Agents

Management Packs

    • Management Pack Overview
    • Importing and Exporting Management Packs
    • Creating and Sealing Management Packs


    • Installing and Configuring SQL Reporting Services
    • Installing Operations Manager Reporting
    • Creating and Viewing Reports

Agentless Exception Monitoring

    • Configuring Exception Monitoring
    • Managing Clients

Audit Collection Services

    • Audit Collection Services Overview
    • Installing Audit Collection Services
    • Configuring Forwarders and Collectors
    • Importing ACS Reports

Synthetic Transactions

    • Synthetic Transactions

Distributed Applications

    • Distributed Applications

Monitoring Non-Microsoft Platforms

    • Tools for Monitoring Non-Microsoft Platforms
    • Using the Cross-Platform Extensions

Complex Environments

    • Multi-homing Agents
    • Untrusted Environments
    • Multi-Tiered Environments

Backup and Recovery

    • Planning Backup and Restore
    • Performing a Backup
    • Planning Recovery Strategies

Détails :

Durée :  5  jours
Participants : 8