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Cours 10174B - Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010


Professionnels IT


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  • Configurer et administrer Sharepoint 2010


Introducing Microsoft SharePoint 2010

    • Evaluating the Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010
    • Preparing for SharePoint 2010
    • Installing SharePoint 2010
    • Advanced Installation of SharePoint 2010

Creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet

    • Performing Initial Farm Configuration
    • Configuring the SharePoint Logical Structure
    • Exploring the SharePoint Web Application and Physical Architecture

Administering and Automating SharePoint

    • Configuring Central Administration
    • Administering SharePoint from the Command Line
    • Automating SharePoint Operations with Windows PowerShell

Configuring Content Management

    • Optimizing Content Storage and Access
    • Managing Site Content Types and Site Columns
    • Configuring the Managed Metadata Service

Configuring Authentication

    • Understanding Classic SharePoint Authentication Providers
    • Understanding Federated Authentication

Securing Content

    • Administering SharePoint Groups
    • Implementing SharePoint Roles and Role Assignments
    • Securing and Auditing SharePoint Content
    • Configuring Security for SharePoint Content

Managing SharePoint Customizations

    • Customizing Microsoft SharePoint
    • Deploying and Managing Features and Solutions
    • Configuring Sandboxed Solutions

Configuring and Securing SharePoint Services and Service Applications

    • Securing the Enterprise SharePoint Service
    • Securing and Isolating Web Applications
    • Services and Service Applications

User Profiles and Social Networking

    • Configuring User Profiles
    • Implementing SharePoint 2010 Social Networking Features

Administering and Configuring SharePoint Search

    • Configuring Search
    • Refining Search

Implementing Productivity Service Applications

    • Implementing Business Connectivity Services
    • Configuring Excel Services
    • Understanding PerformancePoint Services
    • Implementing InfoPath Forms Services
    • Implementing Visio Services Features
    • Implementing Access Services
    • Implementing Office Web Apps

Installing and Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

    • Installing SharePoint Servers and Farms
    • Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
    • Evaluating Installations and Upgrades
    • Configuring SharePoint Operational Settings
    • Updating SharePoint

Implementing Business Continuity

    • Protecting and Recovering Content
    • Working with Backup and Restore for Disaster Recovery
    • Implementing High Availability Solutions

Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

    • Monitoring Logs
    • Configuring SharePoint Health Analyzer
    • Configuring Usage Reports and Web Analytics
    • Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

SharePoint Online and Office 365

    • Introducing Office 365 and SharePoint Online
    • Setting Up Office 365
    • Administering SharePoint Online

Détails :

Durée :  5  jours
Participants : 8